Mazubi Island

The professional education island of Micarna

Your apprenticeship at Micarna

Where do you want to go?

When you make a career choice you make an important decision for your future. It is important to answer the questions below from your own personal perspective. At the end of the day, it’s about your future.

  • What environment do you want to work in, in the future?

  • What do you enjoy, what do you find fun?

  • Where do you see yourself in your future?

On Mazubi Island you will find a number of exciting challenges for launching your career, a variety of different career training options and great new colleagues. Together you will not only get to know your career, but also run your own trainee company: Mazubi. You can create your own products, launch projects or realise ideas. You can run your own company within the company, with everything that this involves. Vocational training doesn’t only influence your life; above all, you influence life on Mazubi island through your commitment..

What do we expect from you?

We would like to offer you a great apprenticeship, a time during which you can not only experience all the facets of your profession on Mazubi island, but also the teamwork and exchanges with all the other occupational groups on the island. To make life in the years to come work well on Mazubi island, there are a few important prerequisites that need to be fulfilled. What we expect from our Island inhabitants:

Do you meet these requirements? Then we really should meet!

What do we offer you?

We know that starting a career is a big step. Everything is new, you don’t know most of your colleagues yet – and let’s be honest, on such a big island you can sometimes get lost. We always start together with an introductory week so that your apprenticeship gets off to a good start, so that you can familiarise yourself with everything calmly and have an easy arrival on Mazubi island. All apprentices, no matter what career they are studying for, will have the time and opportunity to familiarise themselves with everything calmly. And you will never be alone during your training: your personal in-house trainer will always be on hand with help and advice, will regularly review your learning goals with you, and you will always know where you are in terms of your graduation.

A dynamic working and learning environment is important to us, and the compensation should therefore not be overlooked: Six weeks’ holiday on Mazubi island is a matter of course, you will get free membership of the sport and leisure club and can visit an apprentice camp with all the other apprentices during your training. At the same time, your meals at the staff restaurant are subsidised and we will provide you with a half-fare travelcard for the entire duration of your training.

Furthermore, as Micarna, we are part of the Migros working world. This means that Mazubi island is one of countless training islands in a vast ocean of training opportunities. More than 1,500 apprenticeships await you every year across more than 60 professions in Migros Group companies. Training in the Migros Group is not only worthwhile thanks to the great variety of training courses and the attractive future prospects, but also because as an apprentice you will benefit from innumerable discounts within the Migros Universe. More information on vocational training with the Migros Group can be found here.


Become part of Mazubi island now

Do you want to become part of Mazubi island and support the island community with your talents? Then seek the challenge that best suits your talents from among our 17 different vocational trainings. With all our training courses, it is possible to gain the Federal Certificate of Competence (EFZ) with or without a vocational qualification and for certain vocational trainings it is also possible to graduate from the basic training with a Federal Vocational Certificate (EBA). Are you interested? Then discover your career now.
Find your career at the port of Mazubi Island
Choose your career according to our training location
Discover your opportunities through a visit

Duration: 3 years
Town: Ort / Ort 2

What qualification suits me?

Federal Vocational Certificate (FVC)

  • Duration: 2 years
  • After acquiring a Federal Vocational Certificate (EBA) you can generally still acquire the EFZ in your chosen career.
Federal Certificate of Competence (FCC)

  • Duration: 3 to 4 years
  • The EFZ Certificate of Competence is the basis for higher professional examinations and other further education.
Federal Vocational Baccalaureate (FVB)

  • Duration: concurrent or subsequent (1 to 2 years)
  • You can do the Vocational Baccalaureate during or after the apprenticeship. You will need it if you want to study afterwards.

Ready for Mazubi Island?

If you have found your chosen career send us your application documents. We look forward to meeting you in person soon. Bear in mind that your application is the first thing we see about you. So it’s important to do it carefully.

  • Always be honest and confident
  • Describe yourself in the covering letter
  • Provide us with an overview, through your CV
  • Show what you like to do outside of school
  • Include testimonials from trial apprenticeships
  • Think about your senior school grades
  • Check that there are no spelling mistakes
  • Make sure you complete the application documents

Any questions about the application?

If you have found your chosen career send us your application documents. We look forward to meeting you in person soon. Bear in mind that your application is the first thing we see about you. So it’s important to do it carefully.

Do you want to visit Mazubi island first?

Are you still not sure which career path suits you best? Or what life is like in the food industry? Then come and visit us. We regularly offer discovery and orientation half-days. On these days, you can take a good look at individual careers and a vocational trainer will show you a possible working environment.

Places are limited. A few days before the event, all those registered will receive an invitation along with full details. Sign up now and discover Mazubi island for yourself!

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Who is behind Mazubi Island?

What is Mazubi Island?

Mazubi Island is Micarna’s vocational education island. It brings together all of our trainees, who enjoy adventures there and can get involved with island life. Each of the 17 different career trainings on offer at Micarna is found on Mazubi Island and each one of them is very important to island life. Mazubi Island offers exciting training and interaction with like-minded people.

What is Micarna?

Micarna is one of Migros’ industrial companies, and the leading producer of poultry, fish and eggs in Switzerland. In total, around 3,000 employees work at more than 25 locations. Approximately 130 trainees complete their training in one of 17 different apprenticeship professions.

What is Mazubi?

Mazubi is a company within the Micarna Group that is managed by the trainees themselves. They are responsible for all business areas, from purchasing, production and logistics to marketing and sales, and develop and produce their own products. Mazubi's goal is to provide trainees with practical training and to promote a sense of responsibility and entrepreneurial thinking.

What is Migros?

Migros is one of the largest retail businesses in Switzerland. Founded in 1925 by Gottlieb Duttweiler, the Migros Group is today still structured based on a range of different cooperatives. Migros is not only one of the leading retailers, but also an important training company in Switzerland and enjoys an excellent reputation as such. Each year, the Migros Group offers 1,500 apprenticeships across more than 60 different careers. More information on vocational training with the Migros Group can be found here.

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